Cash Calendar Winners

Week 4 & 5

Kerry Gulezian

Gail Martineau


Joe Harb

Baylee Mlocek

Liz Smith

Jayda Deady

Robert Hammond

 April Mead-Edgar

Ceazar Deady

Kelly Noyes

Brian Kelley

Karen Steele

Julie Bacon

Past winners

Board of Directors Annual Meeting

Thursday October 20, 2016

This Meeting is Open to Regular Members of AYBS

Location: Atkinson Country Club - Wellington Room

Time:  8:00PM 

Parents and volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Please check back to make sure this meeting times has not been changed. 

At this meeting, we also elect Board of Directors for the upcoming year.  This year there are a number of vacancies due primarily to parents of kids who have aged out of the league.  I ask that you consider filling one of the positions and lend your voice to the direction of the league going forward.  We need representatives for both softball and baseball and preferably those who have children who have several years of eligibility remaining.  You do not need any baseball or softball specific experience.  In fact, those without such experience provide a unique voice that has benefited the league and contributed to our recent success, such as those with fundraising and bookkeeping experience, and those from other sports.  We are seeking your leadership to continue this success going forward.  Please pass this along to any parents who you think may be interested in taking a leadership role with the league.  There will be members of the board continuing on to help you make a smooth transition.  We are also seeking a representative for the SNH softball board.  Both organizations generally meet monthly.   If you are interested please send an email to president@atkinsonyouthball.com

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